What is U.S. 270?

U.S. 270 is an electoral map viewer, editor, and historical resource. You can use it to explore possible election outcomes for the 2020 presidential race, create your own electoral map with different candidates, and share snapshots of your maps. Also, the historical data for all elections in U.S. history can be browsed along with informative links to the candidates and parties, and it will provide live updates of the 2020 results on election night as each state is called.

Your Predictions

The primary purpose of U.S. 270 is to allow you to explore electoral college possibilities. The “Your Predictions” page lets you assign categories to each state or, for the few states that allow splitting their electoral votes, to assign categories to different areas of a single state. The categories are automatically tallied and displayed in a legend below the map. Open the menu and select “2020 (Your Predictions)”. The screen contains an election palette that looks like this. [Read More]

Election Night Map

The Election Night Map is where you’ll see the current state of the U.S. Presidential election. This will be updated live on election night as the states are called by the major media outlets. You’ll receive push notifications titled “U.S. 270 Election Update”, and tapping the notification will take you here. All states are set to “Tossup” at the moment. With the current political uncertainty in the U.S., this seems like the most reasonable course. [Read More]

Historical Maps

The Historical Maps page lets you explore every election in U.S. history. You select the election year with the year slider, and the map, legend, and categories will be updated. An interesting thing to try is starting at the first election, 1788, and slowly scrolling through history to the most recent election, 2016. You can get an idea of how the country has changed politically by watching the states change color. [Read More]

Community Projection

The Community Projection map shows the average of the predictions that U.S. 270 users have posted. It looks like a normal electoral map, except it is not historical, not scientific, and should be regarded as for entertainment purposes only. There’s nothing stopping you or anyone else from making unrealistic or ridiculous predictions. If you wish to add your predictions to the average, you’ll need to be logged in. Your predictions are anonymous, but login is required to prevent people (or Russian bots) from voting more than once. [Read More]